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Austin Property in 2011

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Now is the time to buy real estate...it is a buyer's market. It might be a little difficult selling if you still have a value penciled in from the 2008 time frame. On the other hand, if you are considering selling real estate located in certain area's of downtown Austin, you could very well be just fine.

We can provide information and experience regarding investing in and rehabilitating distressed properties.  We have done this ourselves and for other owner occupants and investors.  This is an excellent way to find a wonderful home to live in for years to come, or to begin your investment portfolio and start a business that can cash-flow.

As always property location...is paramount. Even the location within a specific neighborhood can have an impact on your appreciation or ability to sell in a slow market. We can assist you with these decisions by drawing on our many years of experience.

The vast majority of  all available properties, including those in the categories below, are listed in the Austin MLS. We will search for and find properties that meet your criteria, and then email that information to you in just a few minutes.  I can then set up an automatic update that you will receive with all of the new on the market properties so that if the current inventory has been exhausted, and you are still shopping for that right one...you will know when it pops up.  It works. I have access to all properties listed through the Austin and surrounding areas MLS so we can walk the property when you're available to do so.

There are 4 "type" transactions out there that can produce great results:

  1. Motivated seller Sometimes updated/remodeled.  Requires negotiation and the final price is usually below the listed price.

  2. Institutional seller Usually a property that has been through foreclosure or owned by a corporation to facilitate a job transfer (estate sales also fall into this category).  These usually require negotiation. Many times these "professional" sellers will place the property on the market at a price below perceived market value and it attracts multiple bidders.  Sometimes the purchase price ends up above the listed price...even in this market. Almost always if the listed price is below market value you have to move fast and deliberate to be successful (its apparent when they are priced so low).

  3. Short-sale...this is a motivated seller that owes more on the property than they can net at the closing.  Then the seller tries to negotiate a deal with their mortgage company. The mortgage company needs to agree to take the loss in order to avoid a foreclosure proceeding.  Occasionally these are marketed at a price less than market value and can then attract multiple purchasers.  After the seller agrees to a price with the buyer, there is usually some negotiation between the seller and their mortgage company. Many instances take 1-4 months for the process to run full cycle, and, in the end, the mortgage company can simply say that they will do it for $X price...and no less ....regardless of what the agreed upon price was between buyer and seller.  It requires a pretty thick skin and patience to navigate as a buyer. Probably the most complicated situations are those where the seller has both a 1st and 2nd lien...the 2nd lien holder usually has to agree to take nothing, and that can be a deal breaker.

  4. New Home...if the home is existing inventory you can negotiate, less so on a home to be built.

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Selling Austin Property in 2010

We try hard to make the presentation that is out there “on the net” look and feel as motivating as possible for prospective buyers, and I think that because of this care we have homes that are periodically singled out and used for selective marketing.  We’ve had it happen on a variety of sites and even in print. It is hard for me to imagine the distance information travels over the web.  There are roughly 45 vendors (and that list is growing and changing constantly) that pick up access to our marketing information.

Louis Rogers, Realtor®

Information about Brokerage Services

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