Product Review

StrikeKing 3X

I pretty much swear by the Pumpkinseed -chartreuse ....the little buggers on the flats don't get the tail and I have caught a limit of specks and reds on 1 softy fishing all day.

Bass Assassin (and Slurp)

I fish 2 styles paddle tail on the shallow flats when you have to keep the bait moving and sharpies on a drop. Texas Roach is my favorite.

Berkely Gulp

This stuff works.  Reds/Specs love it and I use it to catch King, Jacks, Snook, Ling, and Tarpon.  I would say that a red will eat this before breakfast....and the black drum too.

Mirrorlure's "Top Dog & Jr" & "She Dog"

It works for me, and I am not the best topwater fisher around (Mike E is).  Walks the dog with little effort. I use bone and once in awhile something darker or shiny.

Excalibur "Super Spook & Jr"

Casts like a bullet, even into the wind.  For me the best application is when the grass is floating I can use the Jr when others won't work.

Shaky Head Jig heads (by Strike King)

Hands down the best jighead on the market for action,  keeper, and Gamakatsu hooks.

Shimano "Calcutta 151"

I converted from fishing spinning gear all my life.  The left handed version suits me as I like to keep the rod in my right hand. This is the Cadillac for me.

Shimano old school "Curado"

Can't say I don't like it better than the new ones.

Shimano new school "Curado"

Same as above...only it's the faster retrieve (7-1) is way cool on windy day drifting...nothing wrong with conserving an old tennis elbow either.

Caswtaway Rods

Works fine for the $....7' medium action.

Penn "4400"

I still have one that works, ok, after 17 years of saltwater use.

Predator "Reef Boots"

I can't swear they would protect against a ray hit, but they definitely add protection and are wonders around rocks and shell and mud.  I think I have been hit by the heal once and if it was it bounced right of.  Wouldn't be that way any higher though as the leg is only cloth. Been wearing mine for 5 years and they are holding up with some tears, but I wash them and oil the zipper.

Majek Boats - Boat

20v. I like it.  Definitely runs shallow.. runs where the birds stand for a short haul...just don't shut it down. No kidding.  The Yamaha 150hp has presented no problems.  The trim tabs are a must to keep the bow from loping. The whale tail, which was modified to sit down lower over the prop, increased the water pressure...necessity on the skinny flats with floating grass around.


What a handy tool for use on the flats.

Minn kota Trolling Motor

Scout Boats

Sportfish 155 (Center Console).    The boat and 50hp Johnson motor were both dependable for 10 years.  The sliding rear casting deck made for some storage. Caught a lot of fish with it.

Louis' Texas Fishing Page

This is everything I use as a rule:

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Super Spook



Long sleeve shirt, shorts and a hat. Breathable waders in the winter with overalls underneath.